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The role of the Aventa Board is to set policy and review operations and financials through reports from the Executive Director and subcommittees established by the Aventa Board. The role of the Aventa Board is based on a governance model rather than an operational or administrative model. The Aventa Board is comprised of volunteers and the specific roles, responsibilities and duties of the Board are governed by the by-laws of Aventa, as well as various position descriptions, policies and procedures and Ethical Framework.

  • Aventa Board positions include: Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Directors
    Aventa Board has only one employee: Executive Director
  • The Executive Director is responsible for the entire staff organization
  • The Collective Aventa Board and the Executive Director are colleagues, only the Collective Aventa Board has the authority over the Executive Director
  • The Aventa Board formulates the Society’s vision, mission, objectives and strategic plan.
    The Aventa Board sets and approves the budget
  • The Aventa Board establishes the Society’s bylaws and Aventa Board policies
    An effective standing committee structure is in place to support the Staff and Aventa Board

The Board publicly discloses information about its governance processes, decision making, and performance via the Aventa website, Agency Bylaws, 3010 registered Charity Information Return, Annual Reports and Accreditation Canada Reports.

The Board seeks to recruit members with various backgrounds, expertise and perspective, including professional disciplines such as accounting, medicine, law, policing and human resources. The Board uses both informal and formal recruitment methods, including personal referrals and professional recruiting services, if necessary. As part of Aventa’s commitment to Client and Family Centered Care, we invite qualified candidates with lived experience to apply to become members of the Board of Directors. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board, please forward your resume to Aventa Board Recruitment.


Aventa Board Members


Nadine Wagner

Vice Chair

Jeff Holloway


Pam Whitnack


Diane McIlwain


Katherine Murphy

Dr. Pawel Niemczewski

Barb Wilkinson