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Client, Family and Community Stakeholders Concerns and Feedback

Aventa values your input; your feedback will help us further improve the quality of Aventa’s Programs and Services and the skills of our Staff Team. By sharing your experience you will help us to achieve our goal of continuous improvement, we encourage suggestions to improve our programs and services.

Client, Family and Community Stakeholders feedback is very important to Aventa Staff, Management, and our Board of Directors. Aventa values your input and is committed to addressing all complaints in a fair and objective manner. This document will act as a resource for Clients, Family Members and Community Stakeholders regarding Aventa’s Client, Family and Community Stakeholders Concerns and Feedback Process.

Aventa’s Concerns and Feedback Process involves the following:

  • Aventa receiving and acknowledging a complaint has been made.
  • Aventa will be in touch with you by phone or email within three business days.
  • We will listen and respond with privacy and respect.
  • Obtaining information from the complainant regarding the details of their complaint.
  • After listening to the concerns, explaining Aventa’s concerns, resolution process and identifying the next steps to the complainant.
  • Assisting with coordination and communication of the client feedback process with the appropriate Aventa Staff member.
  • Bringing the compliant forward to Aventa’s Quality Improvement Committee.
  • Acting as an ongoing contact for the complainant, including updates to the complainants concerns resolution process.
  • A response will be provided.
  • Documentation of the process and outcome of the complaint.
  • The Executive Director and Aventa Leadership Team are available to work with Clients, Family Members and Stakeholders to resolve a complaint until all possible avenues have been explored and the situation is resolved.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved it will be taken to the Aventa Board Chair for resolution.




Discuss your concerns with your Counsellor which may resolve the issue right away.  If this does not meet your expectations, please speak with the Program Manager by phone or e-mail.

Phase II Program Manager / Assessments – Nicole Bastien 403-541 -4661

Young Adult Treatment (YAT) Manager – Karen Smith 403-541-4653

Recovery Support Program Manager – Grace Hove 403-541-4648

Phase III Program Manager – Mara Thorvaldson 403-245-8444

Financial Manager – Shane Milne 403-541-4651

Communications Manager – Diane MacPherson 403-541-4660



Contact Aventa’s Executive Director by telephone, fax, email or mail:

Executive Director – Kim Turgeon

Phone: 403-245-9050  Fax: 403-245-9485

610 – 25 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0L6



Contact Aventa’s Board Chair by telephone, fax, email or mail:

Aventa Board Chair – Nadine Wagner

Phone: 403-245-9050  Fax: 403-245-9485

610 – 25 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0L6



A free printable version of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act can be downloaded from the Alberta Queen’s Printer website. Copies of the Act in print and electronic format can also be purchased from the Queen’s Printer.

Copyright of the Statutes and Regulations, whether in printed or electronic format, is held by the Province of Alberta. No person may download or reproduce copies of the legislation for any purpose other than personal use without the consent of the Alberta Queen’s Printer.



Aventa protects the privacy of individuals receiving health services in accordance with the Health Information Act. To properly review and resolve complaints, we work with the patient, or an authorized representative (usually a close family member), to gather and share information about the services received.