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Alumnae reviews, feedback and thank you letters provide insight into our programs and services and help inspire women seeking recovery. If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about our live-in program, we encourage you to read the following Client experiences, in their own words.

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I feel like I'm starting to become the best version of myself and this is all due to Aventa. The women in my group helped me to realize that together, we can do anything! We are a powerful force when united.

- Leah

Before coming to Aventa, I felt very alone, had no one to talk to who had any idea what I was going through, and was full of shame. Leaving Aventa, I have gained friendships with those who understand me and relate to who I am. I am also leaving with the knowledge and resources to be successful. The family sessions were very helpful in helping me to understand how to move forward with my children after treatment.

- Hayley

I did not expect to get much out of this program, but as things progressed, I learned tools that will help me through everyday life, and I also made amazing friends. I'm so glad I went through this program.

- Leah

The experience was excellent. I learned skills to handle my trauma, PTSD, all because of everyone there. I learned meditation which will come in handy when dealing with stress.

- Catherine

Aventa has brought my perspective to new, fresh light. I have hope for my future and feel like I am a worthy, fixable woman.

- Mara

Aventa has been a safe place for me to learn and grow. After my experience here, I have a better understanding of my addiction and what led me there, and the steps I need to take to stay clean and healthy in the future. Thank you to all of the counsellors and residential staff for your support.

- Jamie

I would definitely recommend Aventa to any woman. I got out of jail, lost my child to a stillbirth and was a part of Calgary Drug Treatment Court. I have struggled with Addiction my whole life, and also with guilt and shame, and Aventa helped me overcome and understand those struggles.

- Amanda

I would recommend Aventa, the staff are amazing and they definitely know how to get you connected with your emotions. I absolutely love the program.

- Andrea

My experience at Aventa was warm and welcoming. The Staff and Counsellors are extremely friendly and helpful, making the time at Aventa as comfortable and pleasant as possible. I have learned and grown so much in my time here. I am confident leaving here that I can make healthy choices. I encourage anyone dealing with hurt, frustration, and pain to try Aventa; to take the time to work on yourself and heal with the help of peers experiencing similar traumas. I am forever grateful that I decided that I was worth recovery; thank you Aventa.

- Jenna

I’ve tried many different treatment centres and couldn’t figure out why they weren’t working for me. I was very apprehensive about going to an all-woman treatment centre, but I’m sure grateful I did. I now understand why co-ed facilities don’t work for women. From Staff to Addiction Counsellors to the groups and programming, it’s all designed and run so well! I came into Aventa so broken with no hope. I’ve graduated and walked out of here with self-esteem for once in my life, knowing who I truly am and really loving me. The experience at Aventa was a blessing. I highly recommend Aventa to any women out there struggling with addiction.

- Chelsea

Aventa has changed my life completely. I came to this program broken and alone, afraid of my own thoughts and feelings; I am leaving Aventa a completely different person. For the first time in forever, I feel like a strong, confident woman. A woman who as a voice, and who is not afraid to use it. Aventa has given me the tools that I need to succeed in life and in my recovery. I am forever grateful for this program.

- Jennifer

I can honestly say that Aventa saved my life. The staff were amazing! I have discovered so much about myself and now look forward to my future with hope, not fear. The completion of this program is a huge hallmark in my recovery and I am so thankful to been given this opportunity of self-discovery. Thank you for the tools to move forward and the ability to live the life I’ve always wanted!

- Rebecca

Aventa is an awesome program for women suffering from addictions and trauma. I felt like it got more to the root of my problems and why I was drinking so I didn’t have to deal with my feelings. That was what I hadn’t dealt with in other co-ed treatment centres. I would recommend this center as an excellent place to work on recovery.

- Linda

My experience at Aventa was life changing. I’ve gained valuable knowledge and real-life tools that I will utilize in sobriety. The staff were accepting, tolerating and patient which allowed me to open to my true self, and begin my healing journey.

- Kristen

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