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General Guidelines for Visits:

Aventa encourages visits with family members and friends, in order to support family
reunification. If a Client wishes to visit with family and friends during treatment, they can
submit a request to their Addiction Counsellor who will have final approval. Each request is
done in consideration of the safety and well-being of the Client and others in the building.
Having visitors during treatment is a privilege.

Please Note that no visits are permitted during the Client’s first week of treatment and all
subsequent visits are scheduled by appointment only with Staff approval. In order to
maintain the confidentiality of our Clients, we cannot confirm or deny that a Client is at
Aventa; Clients must initiate any request for visits, this cannot be done by the family member
or friend.

Visitor Guidelines

Dear Visitor,

In order to ensure that you, other Visitors and our Clients have a safe and enjoyable visiting
experience, we ask the following:

  1. Please enter at the front of the building and press the buzzer for access to the building.
  2. For the privacy and confidentiality of all Visitors and Clients, Clients and Visitors are to remain in the assigned visiting room/area for the entire visit time.
  3. Food and beverages cannot be brought into the building or consumed in during visits.
  4. All gifts and essential items brought for Clients must be given to the Aventa Residential Addiction Counsellor upon arrival. The Client will receive these after the visit.
  5. Smoking and playing cards are not allowed during visiting hours.
  6. Visitors must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the visit and may be asked to leave if it is believed they are. Inappropriate/rude/aggressive behavior may also result in Visitors being asked to leave.
  7. The direction of Staff must be followed at all times.
  8. We are not able to provide a tour of the building during the visit time.
  9. The courtyard is not open to Visitors.
  10. Please arrive on time and leave on time. Arriving early will result in the Visitor having to wait outside until the scheduled visit time. Arriving late will result in a shortened visit as all visits end at the scheduled time.

Thank You and have an enjoyable visit!