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Aventa is actively involved with a number of Provincial committees to ensure we will be up to date on the newest research and best practices in the field of addiction, in order to continue to provide client-centered programming across the continuum of care and enhance service delivery to those in need.

Alberta Addiction Service Providers

This coalition includes 32 Alberta agencies providing addiction services to Albertans

Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network (CFAN)

This collaborative network is committed to advancing education and awareness, promoting best practices and enhancing supports for individuals and families affected by FASD

The Concurrent Capability Provincial Advisory Group (CCPAG) is a group of internal and external stakeholders who guide the work that is done through the Concurrent Capability Strategy. This Advisory Group serves as a forum for sharing progress and challenges related to concurrent capable work, recommending consensus solutions and mobilizing learning opportunities across the province.

Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse (CRISM) Research

Aventa is one of the service providers involved in the Prairie CRISM Node which will focus on evidence based addiction treatment and prevention strategies, and establish collaborations, information exchange and resource development across the prairie region.

Journeys Program
This is a collaborative program between McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association, the Substance Use and Addictions Program (through The Government of Canada) and Aventa. In this an innovative program that recognizes the unique needs of women, clients are supported during the multiple stages of treatment, especially pre and post treatment, in order to increase successful admission, completion of the program and decrease risks of relapse post treatment. Journeys will utilize therapeutic intervention, outreach, and natural supports to help the Client’s success, with programs and services delivered through Aventa and McMan.

Mental Health Services Protection Act (MHSPA) Advisory Committee

This committee will make recommendations for implementation of the Mental Health Services Protection  Act. This Act provides a foundation to ensure safe, quality addiction and mental health care. The Act also provides authority to license residential addiction treatment facilities and outlines core requirements that must be met. It also enables creation of a professional college to regulate Counsellors.

Perinatal Collective

Hosted by the Prenatal Outreach Support Team the Collective is a group of agencies in the Calgary area that work together serving vulnerable people in the perinatal period.

Post Pandemic Strategic Planning for Addiction and Mental Health
The steering committee will provide feedback through various stages of a project involving the pandemic related impacts, including economic, to addiction and mental health services. Representatives come from the addiction and mental health community partners, community stakeholders, and Alberta Health Services (AHS), Addiction and Mental Health – Calgary Zone (AMH CZ).

Prenatal Outreach Support Team

This is a partnership between a Calgary Police Service Constable and Alberta Health Services Nurses. The team is implementing a pilot project designed to prevent risks to newborns by identifying high risk women and facilitating their access to appropriate prenatal programs. Risk factors during pregnancy would include substance abuse, prostitution, domestic violence, mental illness, poverty, isolation, homelessness, etc.

Provincial Addiction Counselling Practice Council

This independent body promotes the delivery of competent, integrated, efficient, ethical, and effective patient centered health care.

Provincial Addiction Curriculum and Experiential Skills (PACES) Training Initiative

This initiative develops provincially accessible addiction curricula that meets the learning needs practitioners who work with adult populations experiencing addiction and concurrent disorders.

Trauma-Informed Care Collective is a network of social service agencies in Calgary, Alberta, committed to promoting trauma-informed care throughout people-serving organizations including government agencies, community groups and more.

The Valuing Mental Health Review Committee was established in June 2015 with a mandate to comprehensively review addiction services, mental health services, and the mental health system in Alberta. The review culminated in the recommendations of this report, which are intended to assist the Government of Alberta to implement a strategy that strengthens and updates addiction and mental health services for Albertans.

The Thunderbird Partnership Foundation, in partnership with Alberta Health and Métis Nation of Alberta, is working to develop provincial minimum standards of care for residential addiction treatment services for youth and adults.